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Celebrating our first World Down Syndrome Day

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome day and we were shown so much love and support from our family and friends! The morning started off with meeting our case manager with the Orange County Regional Center. We got a ton of awesome information BUT honestly...it was a little bit overwhelming. I still find myself having my weak moments thinking to myself, "God... Can I do this, am I doing enough for her?" "Am I being the best mom that I can be?" I felt myself space out a couple times during our 1 hour visit. I was trying to remember all the different terms and abbreviations used for every program, or authorization that we might qualify for or need to obtain so that Amor can be apart of as many programs possible. Our case manager Elizabeth concluded with handing me a binder that was organized for us to keep all of our medical documents and informational packets in, and stated she would be emailing me all the additional information that she will need to get physcial therapy started once a week. The rest of the day went by like normal as I was anxiously waiting for the time to come to head down to Pacific City to celebrate the special day! Once my husband got home and we went through the drama of getting ready and getting Amor situated (who was very fussy i might add) we headed to our destination. I was so nervous on our way to the event...I think a lot of it was coming from the fact that I personally have never met or talked to anyone with Down Syndrome. The nerves I felt were good nerves though because I was excited to be around people like my daughter, and I had been waiting for that moment since finding out she had Down Syndrome. We parked our car and within minutes we saw people wearing their blue and yellow clothes and I started to see more and more people with Down Syndrome. The feeling I had in my stomach was the kind of feeling you get when you meet a celebrity! I was so incredibly happy to see so many different faces and that I could find similarities from their faces in my beautiful daughters face. For the first time I wasn't thinking to myself "Do you think they are wondering if she has down syndrome?" I must admit I do ask myself this often with people but instead I was thinking " Heck yes lets show off this face that God so perfectly made! I want everyone to look into her beautiful brown almond shaped eyes and find comfort in knowing that they have also looked into those same shaped eyes themselves." I held back my tears multiple times during the 2 hours that we were there. I got to talk to families and kids that I follow on Instagram (so honestly it kind of did feel like meeting celebs lol). I felt so much love and happiness from everyone that was there! We were approached numerous times by people asking how old she was and telling us how cute she was. Then it happened.... I saw the cast from the Emmy Award winning show, "Born this Way" and my day was made. They were the funniest and sweetest people and signed a poster for Amor! Later on Sean who is one of the cast members saw us walking by and bluntly said " I love babies.." It was hilarious so my cousin and I approached him and he started to talk to us and asked about Amor. I felt kind of bad to ask him for a picture together but he was really cool about it. Several of our family members showed up to the event and it was a first experience for many of them as well since Amor is the first one in our family to have Down Syndrome. Once the event was coming to an end the entire family went to celebrate some more at dinner with a sunset view. It was perfect way to end such an amazing day!