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Dear dad

Dear Dad, You & Mommy waited for many years wishing and praying for a little baby of your own. During that time God was creating and molding me into exactly who both your hearts would need to grow with through this life time. I know you guys were so anxious to meet me and when the day came I was not what you expected... I was just a little EXTRA. You were with me in the NICU every moment you could while mommy was recovering from surgery. We had many moments together late at night with the sounds of my heart beating on the monitor. It was just us for sometime but I know mommy and you prayed that I would be able to come home before Christmas. I felt so comforted by you presence and I saw first hand how strong my daddy is when you helped mommy make the long painful walk to the NICU so you could both hold me. I’m so glad that God chose me to be your daughter. When the news came that I had Down syndrome you showed so much strength for mommy and only saw me as your daughter and that was all that mattered. I love the last 8 months we have had together! I love playing with your beard, when you tickle me, and when you tuck me in at night. But mostly I love the way you love my mommy and me. I know I will always have a strong support system because my parents have overcome so many hardships in life before coming together as one and bringing me into this world. I am so incredibly honored to be your daughter. 🙏🏼♥️ I love you daddy! -Love Amor